The most hair natural harbour in the Mediterranean, panoramic pictures of the naval station port Mahon snow.
Vista del muelle comercial zona de amarre de embarcaciones privadas darsenas y pantalanes flotantes en regimen de expotacion a empresas consecionarias se encuante entre autoridad portuaria de Mahon y cla Figueras incluyendo el area del club maritimo de Mahon dispone de gruas, dispensadores de combustible agua potable rampas de enmarque y desenbarque servicios portuarios

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Mahon, the second largest natural harbour in Europe, the views of the residential villas on the shores of Port Mahon is fantastic

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        Information specifies port Mahón:


           Port of Maó engineering datas:

           Situation: latitude: 39º 52,0´ N length: 004º wind 18,8´

           Regime: ruling SW, dominant NE

           Annual average temperature 17.9 º C

           Tides: there is no enter port: direction pierced width 180 ms: 12 ms     terrestrial

           Surface: 372.155 m2 water lamina

           Surface zone I: 313,12

           Have pierced of 3 to 9

           Soft ms and wharves: 5.449 ms Inclines rho-rho: 5

           Tugboats: 1 Cranes of wharf: 3

           Harbor stations: 1

           Collection of oleosos, solid

           Remainders and residual waters movable

           Footbridges 1

           Elevating of boats of 2 up to 50 TN

           Put of bars: 1.460



           Introduction information port Mahón:


The port of Mahón, the second great port but of Europe, is a natural harbor with a length of almost five kilometers of depth with a direction next to this west this prote'ge' of winds of the north, wind of tramontana, but the strong ones of the western Mediterranean, reason why from immemorial times refuge for the boats of all the sizes has been used like port


The Port of Mahón by its extraordinary extension has very calm waters what at sight of the visitor it gives the sensation him to be contemplating a lake


The characteristics, exceptional, of the port of Mahón, as much by the geographic location of the port, key point in the western Mediterranean, halfway is between Europe and North Africa and route from the islands of Sardinia, Córcega and Italy or Greece, as well as of the ships coming from the Red Sea and all the zone of the Eastern Mediterranean, that went way of the Straits of Gibraltar, and where the Balearic Islands, are you complete islands of the route, and Minorca first of them, in addition the port to Mahón, arranged in line with the route from the interior of the Mediterranean conferred to him character refuge forced for the boats with difficulties or those that to them the wind of the tramontana surprised, very known by the sailors who sail these waters in special those of the South coast of France, zone of the Gulf of Leon and all the coast this of the Spanish Mediterranean


But, it is that the geographic of the port and mainly landscaping characteristics, do of the Port of Maó, one emblem for the tourist reclamation of Minorca and specially of the City of Mahón, with an attractiveness that make the delights of the visitors of any origin, proof of it is that even such mahoneses, are assiduous to give strolls by the sidewalks of the port in special the one that runs of the side of laminates it of water, next to the slow boats in the wharves


But it is that the views from the high part of the City of Mahón, with numerous areas with access to the harbor carniza confer another attractiveness to him of great tourist interest and specially valued at the moment of events as the aquatic fireworks or from the Pinto island and or the Island of the King that congregates to thousands of observers from all the points of the coastal strolls between which those of the urbanizations of the North coast are included, pierces Llonga, pierces Rat


As it is to hope, the long trajectory of the port and the years that Menorca takes receiving tourist from all the latitudes of the world have caused that the port of Mahon stays in optimal conditions and for offering to the navigators everything what requires so much in conditions normal of a visit to please like for the emergency situations


The Port of Mahón is a modern port in natural and or technically equipped surroundings and completes supply of services for crew and passengers or boats, counting on a complete sector of repairs and mechanical factories, as much for rescue or repairs of boats in the sea like with cranes of great dry tonnage for repairs in and counting on several areas of navy in dry. Also it will be able to find several stores specialized in material tools do-it-yourself work ironworks and complements for the navigator in whom radiobeacons are included the product sale of high trasmisores technology radio devices of communication and global positioning. In addition it found weather data, for all the area of the Mediterranean and specifies for the area of Menorca, access to Internet, etc.


It has all the types and styles to the mooring or bars, wharves pantalanes floating floating islands fields of bollas and areas of free anchor, distributed in all the areas of the port, where the visitor can choose between the wharves as opposed to Maó with all the advantages of the services of a opposite same city and of the frenetic tourist activity or the North coast less urbanized and with ample zones of natural coast with wharves and or pantalanes of reduced dimensions, but relaxed and calm but with the services of the commercial wharf. The enviable landscaping conditions of the port of Mahón, that they invite to the stroll by his reviewed or visiting the populations of Maó, It is Castell and Sun the residential urbanizations of the East, Santana, or but the recent Llonga Cove in the North, in front same coast of Mahon


The "Port de Maó" concentrates the greater playful area of leisure and recreation of the area of the west of the Island, with the supply amplest and varied gastronomical supply, as much in the types and styles of plates, like in the prices. Being great supply of services playful, will be able to find great variety of services of excursions, as much to visit other points of Island of Menorca, like own port, calls "Wanderers" boats of excursions of recreation that to newspaper makes routes by the environs of the port with service of locution in several languages or if it prefers can rent it a boat, with or without pattern of boat to do routes frees by port or coves of island, if it looks for that they guide it, exist companies that boats or great catamarans make routes of noon, whole day and even two days, to give return to the island where one eats in the boats or the coves with services already reserved for the group of hikers


But, at dusk it is where the port of Mahón, initiates its transformation, its long one, very long sidewalks fill of passers-by taking a walk, before or after having supper, taking an ice cream and contemplating to the yachts and boats moored to mulles and pantalanes,


To but it is the night where the great port of Menorca shines in all its splendor and takes its true dimension from a forced rallying point, of epicenter of the great nocturnal life of the area of the west for all the one that it looks for places where to listen to music while a glass drinks, or a supper is even taken having sites of very select music and live music, jazz musical groups or but the select restaurants next to the sea


At night nonsingle it has the supply of the terraces and Pub of glasses, the nights of the port you complement yourself but still with the clothes stores to subcome typical products and specialized nautical stores from music even acquire all their dimension. In order to finish we emphasized as a forced visit that it does not have to let see we talked about to the obradores of and stores of the masterful ceramists "ceramic menorquina" an activity of long tradition in the island of Menorca, and the stores of Shoes of Menorca another product of the menorquina industry of great root.


In the end also to recommend a visit that was to him peculiar and very interesting, and surely which tasteful, it par excellence dresses the distillery the menorquina typical drink, we talked about the distilleries of the famous "Gin Xoriguer" located in the environs of the harbor station of Maó, where a route can be made historical of the production of the Gin de Menorca, inheritance of the colonial period ingles in Menorca and also will be able to make tastings to prove of different products from the distillery, Gin, Grass but with taken care of almost all of high alcohol graduation.



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